Icon Resin Infiltration

Don’t let post-orthodontic white spot lesions ruin your smile. Icon Resin Infiltration can restore your smile in a minimally invasive way.
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What is Icon Resin Infiltration?

Icon resin infiltration is a dental restoration treatment for the white-spot lesions that can occur after orthodontics. Icon resin infiltration has properties similar to natural tooth enamel, so the restoration blends in more naturally.

How is Icon Resin Infiltration Performed?

Icon resin infiltration is a minimally invasive procedure and can be completed in a single visit with no pain.  Our dental professionals will clean and etch the lesion and apply a drying agent to the tooth. Once the tooth is dry, the resin infiltrant will be applied and allowed to soak into the tooth. Once this is completed, the remaining material will be removed and cured. Finally, the restoration will be polished and you will be on your way out the door.

If you have white spot lesions from orthodontic treatment, contact our office today to learn more about Icon resin infiltration.


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