5 Signs That Emergency Dental Care is Needed

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Sometimes, a dental emergency is obvious. Other times, a dental crisis may be a little harder to detect. But ignoring the signs of a dental emergency can lead to further issues, including permanent tooth loss. Therefore, seeking urgent treatments is key. Our dentists in Humble, TX, are here to help you triage dental issues so that you can seek emergency dentistry sooner rather than later. If emergency dentistry is needed, our team can recommend care in your area.

The below information will focus on five signs that you might need emergency dentistry. Knowing these subtle signs of a dental crisis could help you get the speedy care you need.

1. Severe or Persistent Toothaches

Some occasional tooth sensitivity is fairly normal. Persistent or severe toothaches, however, could indicate a serious problem.

If you have had a toothache for longer than two days and you are having trouble eating, speaking, or sleeping through the pain, contact a dentist right away.

2. Very Wiggly Teeth

Loose or wiggly teeth are very concerning because they could indicate future tooth loss (especially without proper remediation). 

It may be easy to think that a loose tooth cannot be saved, but, luckily, emergency dentistry has the potential to save wiggly teeth. That’s right – speedy intervention with a dentist can help stabilize loose teeth and prevent permanent tooth loss.

3. Jaw Swelling

Swelling in the cheeks and jaw may be a sign of infection. This infection could be inside of a tooth, in a salivary gland, or the result of a failed dental restoration. 

But, no matter the source, it is imperative to seek emergency dentistry as soon as possible. Otherwise, the risk of spreading the infection to other areas of the mouth and body increases significantly.

4. Chronic Bad Breath

We’ve all had bad breath, but it is usually due to the foods and drinks we consume. Chronic bad breath that doesn’t go away with regular oral hygiene, however, is a sign of something more serious

Persistent bad breath may indicate oral health issues (like gum disease or a dental abscess), especially when paired with a foul taste in the mouth. Contact an emergency dentistry clinic sooner rather than later

5. Oral Sores That Won’t Go Away

Sores and lesions in and around the mouth can be extremely painful. And when they don’t heal within two weeks, it can be a sign of major health issues, like oral cancer

If you currently have a sore or lesion that won’t heal, contact an emergency dentistry center right away. An oral cancer screening can rule out cancer while also helping you pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Dental Care in Humble, TX

We understand that asking for help can be difficult. But, when it comes to your oral health, seeking guidance and remediation is paramount. Regular dental appointments with the team at Texas Choice Dental in Humble, TX, help avoid dental emergencies. We can identify any issues, make treatment recommendations, and deliver care that keeps your smile healthy. Contact us online anytime, or call (281) 972-8000 to schedule a regular dental checkup today.


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